Specialist Areas

ENGINEERING –We have developed a particular expertise in this area. Particularly understanding the raw materials and end products together with the issues posed by stock and work in progress. In particular engineering companies could well benefit from claiming the enhanced tax allowances for Research and Development expenditure.

MEDICAL – We have expertise with G. P. Practices, Dentists and Care Homes and the different issues they each have.


PROFESSIONAL – We advise a number of specialist professionals who supply their services and expertise to the world at large.

SMALL BUSINESSES – We do pride ourselves on offering a personal service to our clients. No problem is too big or too small to discuss with the accountant. We therefore offer to owners of small businesses a level of reassurance by constantly being available to help you meet your needs.

Business owners will be only too aware that most of life’s problems have a financial impact and we are there to advise on that.

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